Join us for the prime weeks of snowmobile season!


Would you like to have your own place on a snowmobile trail for the prime riding season?  Book a long weekend with us during January or March, or the entire month of February! 

We are also offering discounted rates for anyone who books the entire month of February as a 28 day stay, allowing you to keep your gear locked up in between weekends without hauling it back and forth.  You will have access to the entire house and garage.   You can access the 51/Hiawatha Trail from Clear Lake.  Our driveway features a full loop to make it much easier for pulling and parking large snowmobile trailers.

Take your sleds to some of our favorite places on the trails:


Note:  we will be storing our pontoon boat in 1/2 of the garage during winter, but several sleds could fit in the remaining stall.